DaugEmbassy TV sponsors and oversees a film and video production subsidiary named DAC Studio. In following with DaugEmbassy TV’s principles and goals, one of DAC Studio’s primary creative products is a children’s video series hosted on YouTube: Super Lana – Learn With Friends.

Super Lana is yet another medium through which DaugEmbassy can affect educational growth in underserved communities, beginning in early childhood!

Meet the Family



Lana is the youngest member of her family, bright and eager. She’s curious about each and every new thing she comes across, and always loves making new friends. Lana teaches kids how to approach every situation with a healthy, positive outlook, instead of being frightened, and shows the value of making friends.



Ray is Lana’s older brother, but the middle child of the family. He’s confident and bashful, taking challenges head-on. Ray helps teach kids about the value of self-esteem and bravery, as well as the fun and excitement of healthy, active play.



Kim is the eldest sibling of Lana’s tribe, intelligent and reserved. She takes care to be informed and cautious in every activity she conducts, looking after her eager siblings to ensure they’re safe and sound. Kim teaches kids how to approach situations that might seem dangerous, by asking trusted adults like their parents for help, and following their instructions, as well as the value of education and intelligence.

Lan Mom

Rachel (LANA MOM)

Lana’s Mother, Rachel, is a professor at the local university, where she teaches ecology and agriculture. You can spot Rachel teaching her children, and well as those watching, about plants, fruits, and their various secondary products like different foods and clothes.



Lana’s Mother and Father are formidable people in their own right; pillars of their local community in support and activism. They make sure to involve themselves (and their children) in positive community events, such as bake sales and local pumpkin patches, to foster in their children a sense of belonging and togethership. They instil in the children watching trust in their parents, not only in times of happiness and safety, but when they’re unsure or ‘in trouble’.

Lana Dad

Patrick (LANA DAD)

Patrick is Lana’s Father, and a man with a very caring personality. He works as an electrician, helping keep his community’s infrastructure and livelihood in well repair, and takes great pride in helping others. Viewers will spot Patrick teaching his children the value of sharing, creativity, and friendship.

How it's made

DaugEmbassy TV and DAC Studio are glad to work with incredible media talents in the graphics, script writing and animation departments in the production of Super Lana, not to mention the world-class music production studio with which DAC Studio produces their original songs. The Super Lana video series was constructed from the ground-up, featuring original scripts and hand-made visual assets, tailored to the inspirative and educational goals of DaugEmbassy TV.

Executive Director: Babajide Anthony Alao

Animation Director: Adam Pellew

Script Writers: Liam M. (lead), Nicholas L.

Character Animators: Ponmile Adeosun, Naomi Odaseki

Fans of Super Lana may be excited to learn the character’s return and featuring in an upcoming animated feature film! This project remains in pre-production at the moment, but check-in with DaugEmbassy TV on various social platforms for updates on the Super Lana Family.